68° FOV  Interface Smart Glasses

68° FOV Interface Smart Glasses

VR Glasses Display 68° FOV, 3200x1600 VR Glasses Display, 1058PPI Head Mounted Glasses Display


HMD 1000 Inch 68° FOV VR Glasses 1600 * 1600 * 2 HDMI Interface Smart Glasses




Product details 



Display ScreenIPS
Screen size2.1 inch


Diopter0~700° adjustable
Eye box10mm


Support 2 speakers, both sides inside of glasses
InputBuilt-in MIC





Product features


  • 0.21 inch screen size , 68 ° FOV

  • 1000 inch virtual size, true VR experience

  • Lightweight and portable, no pressure to wear

  • Thin and light

  • Create no pressure wearing experience to meet long-term use

  • Fine picture quality

  • HD giant screen,the resolution is 1600*1600*2 

  • HDMI cable directly connects to mobile phone

  • Diopter adjustment , 0°~700°

  • Anti-distortion processing . The picture is not deformet, the proportion is really restored

  • IMAX movie watching experience.




1. Learning: Connect the course video to HMD to give children a completely closed learning environment, solve the problem of children's inattention, and improve children's academic performance.


2. Medicine: With the development of medical technology, equipment such as endoscopes has been developed on a large scale. In order to facilitate the viewing and perception of doctors, video glasses have become excellent display devices.

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