NOLO VR glasses All-In-One VR With 6DOF

NOLO VR glasses All-In-One VR With 6DOF

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System: Android (Support up to 8.1)
Screen: 4K, 807PPI, 6k Playback
PD: 58-68mm(Adaptive)
F0V: FOV101°
CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8-core, 2.7GHz
RAM: 6G+64G (support external Add 128G) Working Time: 2.5hrs Sensor: 9-axis gyroscope, Gravity sensor, Ultrasonic sensor
Interface: Type-C, TF, 3.5MM Headphone jack
Focus adjustment: 0-700°Adjustment
Other: 6DOF Controller
Resolution:3840*2160 px

 Take a journey into the world of a new metaverse with our state-of-the-art VR system through the VR SHINECON VR All-in-One. Whether you want to play games, socialize, watch blockbuster movies with 3D effects, or work out while playing games, this VR all-in-one can revolutionize the way you relax and play. 

   There are no cables, no restrictions, and no need for a computer - just use the VR SHINECON all-in-one's smart app and make certain settings via your Internet connection and you're ready to enter the metaverse. 

   6DOF Game Controller give you an incredibly immersive and interactive experience, immerse yourself in cinematic 3D stereo audio through the built-in speakers, and the stunning 3840*2160px high resolution means you can see every on-screen detail of every virtual world more clearly, even when you're moving fast. 

   The built-in 8000mAh battery provides up to 4 hours of gaming or 6 hours of audio and video entertainment, paired with other VR all-in-one gadgets that make you more comfortable, so you can explore deeper and longer every time you step into the VR world.

   And you're free to choose a VR all-in-one style with 128GB or 256GB of memory, depending on your budget and your memory needs. This VR all-in-one comes with over 200 3D games included. You can also share experiences through virtual social spaces, multiplayer games and virtual stadiums. Or share your gaming interface/movie interface by projecting your VR experience to compatible TVs and other screens.

VR All in one vr

6DOF VR Headset Controller

Broadband Linear Vibration Motor

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